Making Work Pay

Reform the social welfare system to address poverty and unemployment traps.

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Work needs to pay

Poverty and unemployment traps can often make it difficult for people to make work pay. Given the inflexible nature of the social welfare system, people are prevented from entering the labour market or indeed increasing their hours of work.

Fianna Fáil will address poverty and unemployment traps by reforming the social welfare system to make it more responsive and flexible to peoples’ needs and to ensure that work is a more attractive option than welfare.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to make work pay

  1. Sliding scale for payments

    Introduce a sliding scale for payments so people do not find themselves better off out of work than in work.

  2. Revise the Three Day Rule

    Explore revising the Three Day Rule for the payment of Jobseeker’s Benefit.

  3. Working Family Payment Qualification

    Review and revise the 38 hour threshold for Working Family Payment qualification, with a particular focus on lone parent households in recognition that they are parenting alone.

  4. It’s too bureaucratic

    Address the bureaucratic nature of applying for social welfare payments, simplifying the process and making it more transparent.

  5. One Parent Family Payment

    Reform the One Parent Family Payment.

All Issues in Social Protection

Set Up a Basic Income Commission

A Basic Income Commission will look at the feasibility of introducing a basic income system in Ireland.

Address Child Poverty

By increasing payments and targeting supports at children.

Making Work Pay

Reform the social welfare system to address poverty and unemployment traps.

Recognising the Social Inclusion Role of CE & Tús Schemes

Rebalance CE & Tús Schemes and recognise their social inclusion as well as activation functions.

Supporting People with Disabilities

Support disability inclusion and increase supports for people with disabilities.

A Decent Standard of Living in Retirement

Increase the state pension and implement an auto-enrolment pension system.

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