Third Level

We will increase funding to third level and make higher education sustainable and accessible.

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Strengthen Third Level

Ireland’s third-level education sector is under significant pressure, and the Cassells report has shown that the third-level sector will need over €1 billion in additional funding over the next decade. Since 2016 Fianna Fáil has played an important role in securing additional funding for higher education.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to support Third Level

  1. Freeze fees

    Freeze third level student fees to ensure working families are not penalised with onerous charges for Third Level.

  2. Protect access to third level

    Safeguard both high quality and broad access to third level education as it is vital to both our economic success into the future.

  3. Restore the Postgrad Grant

    Fully restore postgraduate grants and fee payments. The decision to abolish post graduate grants was a deeply regressive measure that hit ambitious students from low income backgrounds.

  4. Increase the Maintenance Grant

    Increase the maintenance grant by 10%. We also want to expand access to the grant system by reforming income eligibility brackets.

  5. €30 million more for the Student Assistance Fund

    Increase the Student Assistance Fund to €30m. We will also provide for part-time students to access to the Student Assistance Fund.

  6. Better fund higher education.

    Provide an additional €100m per annum for higher education.

  7. Increase the National Training Fund Levy

    Increase the National Training Fund levy to 1% annually and this will be supplemented by an additional €50m of exchequer funding per annum up to 2023. This will put Ireland on the path to achieve the 2021 and 2030 targets set out by the Cassells report.

All Issues in Education

Primary Focus

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Supporting Teachers and Principals

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Third Level

We will increase funding to third level and make higher education sustainable and accessible.

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