Making Electric Cars the Norm

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The future is electric

Instead of Ireland’s transport emissions being drastically reduced, they are soaring. This is unacceptable given that the technology needed to cut Ireland’s transport emissions is already in existence and in use in nations around the world.

Currently, buying an electric vehicle is not a viable option for too many Irish people. If Ireland is to meet its climate change targets, this must change.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to support electric vehicles

  1. Invest in the network

    Invest in Ireland’s electric vehicle charging network to ensure that fast charge points are available in every corner of the country.

  2. Charge points in buildings

    Reform planning regulations for apartment buildings and commercial spaces to make it easier for EV owners to access charge points.

  3. Make them affordable

    To make it more affordable to purchase an electric vehicle, we will continue to offer the EV purchase grant and offer a 0% Benefit-in-Kind rate for companies providing EVs to employees.

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Making Electric Cars the Norm

The future is electric.

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