Cracking Down on Illegal Dumping

60 tonnes a day are dumped.

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Cracking down on illegal dumping

It is estimated that approximately 60 tonnes of waste are dumped illegally in Ireland every day.

Too many communities across the country are totally blighted by mounds of waste that have been unscrupulously emptied onto green spaces, housing estates, back roads, river ways, and other parts of our communities. Plastic is seen in our rivers and seas ruining marine life.

Sadly, illegal dumping is often most likely to occur in remote scenic areas, such as viewing points, forests and nature hotspots. It is disgusting and a blight on our landscape, places an undue burden on communities and has dire impacts on the ecosystem.

We believe the Government must crack down on illegal dumping by monitoring and catching the offenders. Larger fines should be introduced and increased prison sentences should be brought in for repeat offenders.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to crack down on illegal dumping

  1. Introduce an independent waste regulator

    Introduce an independent waste regulator to address rising charges for waste collection.

  2. Double funding

    Double the funding provided to local authorities under the Anti-Dumping Initiative.

  3. Bigger fines

    Increase fines for offenders and allow for increased prison sentences for repeat offenders.

  4. Make people aware of the harm caused by dumping

    Educate children from a young age about illegal dumping and the environmental carnage it causes.

  5. Reduce plastic waste

    Introduce incentives for plastic free alternatives in packaging.

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Crack down on Illegal Dumping

It is estimated that approximately 60 tonnes of waste are dumped illegally in Ireland every day.

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