Niall Gaffney

Niall Gaffney - President
My name is Niall and I’m from Devlin, Co. Westmeath. I studied law in NUI Galway, and during my time there I became involved in Ógra, through Cumann Caoimhín de Barra. I’m not from what you might call a “Fianna Fáil family”, and I was curious to see what politics, particularly youth politics, was all about. I was also involved in the Students’ Union, and I saw a wide variety of approaches on how to communicate and effectively represent the voices of young people.

It was during these meeting and debates that I knew that this was the party for me. Ógra has always been an open, respectful and passionate organisation. It is also a very effective and efficient forum to raise tough and difficult issues, while working together to provide solutions. It also gives members the opportunity to have their voices heard, to give their input into policy discussions and to champion issues of importance to them.

I want to see Ógra continue to grow across this island, in both inclusivity and activity. I want to ensure that each and every member feels welcome, empowered and, most importantly, heard. During my time in Ógra, we have seen direct influence on Party policy, and indeed, Government policy, from submissions and representations made by Ógra members. I am committed to ensuring this continues!