Nelius Cotter

Nelius Cotter - President

I’m Nelius Cotter, 24 years of age from Castletownroche in north Cork & have a degree in Accounting from UCC. I’m currently full time farming and I’m also running a new Gluten Free Porridge business I’ve started alongside my father. I’ve held many positions at all levels of the organisation, from Chairperson of Donogh O’Malley Cumann in UCC to Munster Organiser and currently as National Membership & Recruitment Director.

My priorities as President are:

- Growing, revitalising, and creating new Ógra cumainn.

- Building strong links for members moving from college to their Ógra CDC.

- Organising events at regional level between Ógra CDCs and college Cumainn working together.

- Developing policy that young people are interested in for example; housing, united Ireland or Agriculture

- Working with the Fianna Fáil research team and Ministers on campaigns and policy of mutual interest.

My vision for Ógra is a stronger organisation. One that’s focused on issues, ambitious on delivery and one where all members feel empowered. I’m committed to Taking Ógra Forward.