Holly Clinton
International Officer

Holly Clinton - International Officer

My name is Holly Natalie, I'm 25 years old and I’m from Kildare South.

I have a BA in International Relations and an MA in International Security and Conflict Studies from Dublin City University. During my time in DCU, I chaired the Pádraig Pearse Cumann and was the first female to do so.

As International Officer, I am responsible for representing Ógra within our European group LYMEC. I want to use my skills and passion for International affairs to help build a network for Ógra in Europe and beyond, building on the work I have done and the friendships I have established thus far with our sister parties in LYMEC.

Ógra has a proud tradition of being a voice in LYMEC on issues like CAP and Rural Development. I want to further strengthen Ógra’s voices in Europe and engage with Ógra members to put our issues on the LYMEC agenda.

I want to ensure female involvement continues to grow, and I will encourage female engagement advocating for and strengthening the female voice within Ógra and LYMEC.