Eamonn Doran
Munster Organiser

Eamonn Doran - Munster Organiser

My name is Eamonn Doran and I have been a proud member of the UCC Donogh O'Malley cumann for three years, and chairperson for two. I've also recently joined the Cork North Central Officer Board.

As Munster Organiser I aim to recruit new members and reach out to older members to make our units active and lively. I want to see an across the board increase in not only local events, but national events being held in Munster. I also want to work to continue to bring large scale national events to our local units, highlighting our presence within the community.

There is a huge social element to Ógra which I want to harness in Munster. Organising Munster-wide Dáil trips, and a Brussels trip between all Munster third level units is a main priority of mine.