Colm Maher
International Officer

Colm Maher - International Officer
My name is Colm Maher and I hail from the oldest City in Ireland, Waterford. I am 23 years of age and the former chair of the Gary Wyse Cumann in Waterford with a Master’s in Renewable Energy & Finance. I currently work in Reinsurance and have a strong interest in the G.A.A. having played for my local club and attended more Waterford games than I can remember(We will win next year).
I became a member of Ógra Fianna Fáil when I joined my local college unit in 2018 which provided an excellent place to make friends and debate topics of the day. Given this I know how important having the Craic and in person events are. 
As International Officer I want to localise the results of our strong friendships with our partners abroad. This will be done through events with Ambassadors, trips to Brussels and a debate for the upcoming American Election . I am keen for people to become aware of the opportunities for traineeships and internships in Europe and will seek to make people more aware.
By the end of my term I hope to have ran more events in Ireland and have left a positive impression of Europe and our MEPs with people having the great opportunity to Canvas for them.