Ciarán MacDermott
Dublin Organiser

Ciarán MacDermott - Dublin Organiser

My name is Ciarán Mac Dermott and I'm a 20 year old History and Politics student living in Rathcoole in Dublin Mid-West. I have had a long interest in politics starting with my time in school. It was during this time that I found out about Ógra through a trip to Zeminar and my interest was piqued. I joined Ógra in late 2021, becoming active in the KBC and Dublin Mid-West, of which I am PRO and Chair respectively. 

My vision for Ógra in Dublin is a vibrant organisation of both college and local units. I wish to see every part of Dublin up and running in each part of the county. I am to liaise with each CDC to try and make this dream a reality. Furthermore, with so many elections coming up (and with so many ógra candidates) I'd like to rally the organisation in Dublin to support them in their effort to get elected. Finally, Dublin has such a great history and I would love to help members from around the country explore it through trips to various spots.