Bryan Mallon

Bryan Mallon - President

My name is Bryan and I’m from a small village called Julianstown in Co. Meath but I live and work in Dublin. I’m a graduate of Trinity College with a degree in Irish Studies and I’m also proud to say I’m a graduate of the Trinity Access Programme. This is where I found my love for Republicanism and Fianna Fáil. 

My time in university was dominated by extra-curricular activities: I served numerous positions on the Trinity Men’s Gaelic Football Club committee, including PRO and Chairperson; I was a class representative on the TCD Students’ Union for two years; and I served as PRO and Vice-Chairperson of the Wolfe Tone Cumann, Trinity’s Fianna Fáil unit.

My aim is to build Ógra further across all 32 counties and to be a positive, energetic president who leads us to become more republican, more professional and more effective organisation. I want our members to get something back from Ógra, to empower them, to safeguard their health and wellbeing, whilst also giving them skills to take into their personal and professional lives without sacrificing any of the fun!

 I believe that when people feel personally and professionally fulfilled, they become more effective in everything they do. This means that Ógra can become a more effective activist group that campaigns on issues that are relevant to young people and the most vulnerable in our society today. For example, some of the issues that I’m most passionate about are access to education, gender equality, rights for people with disabilities, workers’ rights and the re-unification of the island of Ireland. Fianna Fáil are in power now, and this gives us a unique opportunity to have a positive imprint on the output of the current government and address these issues. I’m determined to see Ógra grasp that opportunity with both hands under my leadership.