Aoíbhann De Búrca Quinlivan
Press Officer

Aoíbhann De Búrca Quinlivan

Hey, how’s it going? My name is Aoíbhann and I’m from West Clare. I am currently studying Law and politics in UCD. I’m the Cathaoirleach of Clare Ógra and an active member of the Kevin Barry Cumann.

In my first year of college I started to go to Ógra events with the KBC and as time went on I caught the Ógra bug and slowly got more and more involved.  

I am delighted to take on the role of Second Press Officer. In my time as P.R.O. for the Kevin Barry Cumann the camera became a constant attachment to my wrist and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to create and share content for our organisation at a national level. My priority for my time as Second Press officer is to show the realities of being part of Ógra. What I have learnt these past few years is that being a member is always a wide and varied experience. One day you will be canvassing, another you’ll be discussing policy with ministers and another you’ll be singing Oasis at 3am in a residents bar in Donegal. I am however yet to see the day when I regret becoming a member!

Ógra has been an extraordinarily welcoming and supportive community for me and my hope for this term is to help show Ógra as the place where everyone is valued and anyone can make a difference.

Ar aghaidh le chéile,

Aoíbhann de Búrca Quinlivan