As the Taoiseach prepares to announce the General Election, the Minister for Health today cynically timed his own announcement that Fine Gael has completely abandoned its promise to deliver free GP care for all citizens, Fianna Fáil’s Health Spokesperson Billy Kelleher has said.

Deputy Kelleher commented: “This eve if election u-turn on the part of Minister Varadkar Is deeply cynical and draws to a close Fine Gael’s five disastrous years of management of the health service.

“The litany of failures Minister Varadkar and Minister Reilly before him have left in health are there for all to see.  Today hospital waiting lists are longer because of Fine Gael.  Record numbers of patients are languishing on trolleys and plastic chairs under Fine Gael.  The health service is under staffed, under resourced and under huge strain – all because of the Fine Gael’s failures for vision and failure to deliver.

“It’s time for a fresh start in health and a government that recognises the importance of investing in public services and not presiding over their consistent deterioration.  There is a clear choice in this election and Fianna Fáil will put investment in services and dignity for patients back at the heart of our health service.”