Fianna Fáil Senator Fiona O’Loughlin, has expressed her deep sadness at the death of Jean Eagers, a mother of two who died following a vicious and violent assault in Dublin.

Deputy O’Loughlin said, “My deepest sympathies go out to Jean’s family and in particular her children. I can’t imagine the horror they are going through at the moment.

“We know that during the coronavirus pandemic instances of domestic violence have risen disproportionately. Gardaí say they have received 25% more calls for help than during the same time last year and more than 100 people were charged with domestic violence offences in the last two weeks of May.

“Jean’s death serves as a stark reminder that every day in Ireland women are experiencing physical violence, psychological turmoil or financial abuse and in some horrific circumstances this ends in a violent death. We must help them,” she concluded.