Fianna Fáil Senator Darragh O’Brien has tonight been selected to contest the upcoming General Election on behalf of his party in the Dublin Fingal constituency.

Senator O’Brien was selected at the well-attended selection convention in the Carnegie Court Hotel in Swords, chaired by Dara Calleary TD.

Speaking to members, Senator O’Brien commented, “This will be a landmark election for Ireland, where people will be asked to decide on the vision they want for the country for the years ahead.

“People have been betrayed by Fine Gael and Labour and they are angry. Fianna Fail has led the way in punishing those broken promises and holding the Government to account. The Government claims that things are getting better, yet the vast majority of people, especially here in north county Dublin, see no evidence of a recovery. In many cases people feel that things have actually gotten worse.

“The Fianna Fáil party I want to represent in Dáil Éireann understands what people are going through. And more importantly, we are working to develop a plan to begin to make things better. Our manifesto will be one that learns from the past – and leads the way to a better and fairer future for all. We will not be making promises we cannot deliver but we will be putting forward an alternative vision for the future of this country.

“We have been to forefront opposing the Government’s war on community policing, which has seen the closure and downgrading of garda stations across north county Dublin, and which has resulted in garda morale plummeting to its lowest ebb ever. Fianna Fáil exposed the damage that is being done to our health service; the medical card fiasco, extortionate waiting lists for early intervention places for children, the overcrowding crisis at Beaumont.

“I have continued to beat the drum for the single most important infrastructural project in this community, Metro North. The Government may want to derail it, but I will continue to fight for it.

“We have the chance in Dublin Fingal to send out a strong signal that Fianna Fáil is in tune with its community that Fianna Fáil has returned to its core values. I genuinely believe we can surprise the pundits and our opponents in the General Election that is coming with the strength of the Fianna Fáil effort and the size of the Fianna Fáil vote. I and my party are up for the challenge”.