Dublin Fianna Fáil Senator Darragh O’Brien has offered to mediate in the dispute between householders in Dublin and Greyhound bin collection service.

Despite threats from Greyhound this week, the company has collected refuse from some of the 18,000 unregistered users of its service in Dublin, however, warnings have been left on bins stating they will not be collected in future unless half of the annual €100 charge is paid.


Senator O’Brien said that something needs to be done urgently to avoid the situation escalating. “Because of government inaction, there is a real threat that 18,000 customers won’t have their refuse collected from next week on. If there is an average of three bags per customers then we could be left with the situation of 36,000 bags of refuge uncollected in the city.

“At a basic level the environmental and health hazards associated with this are monumental. Do we want a return to the days of ‘Dirty Dublin’ where we were one of the most polluted cities in the world? I find it appalling that the government is absolving themselves from any blame here, the Minister for the Environment has responsibility for local authorities. It beggars belief that Minister Phil Hogan doesn’t see fit to intervene in this, it is obvious that the Lord Mayor cannot handle the situation so immediate action is needed by the Minister instead of passing the buck.


“This whole sordid affair has been shrouded in controversy. We have no figures for how much the service cost; it wasn’t put out to public tender; the Lord Mayor said the Council were selling an asset yet the Councillors’ approval was not sought and a huge consultancy fee was paid before the service was sold. The Lord Mayor needs to answer a lot of questions.


“Since no one is taking it upon themselves to intervene in this, I am offering to mediate in this dispute along with my colleagues in Fianna Fáil at Dublin City Council. This situation cannot be allowed to continue and with St Patrick’s Day just around the corner there is a real danger the city could be awash with filth on our national holiday.”