Government boasts that the number of patients waiting on trolleys is down compared to 2015 underestimate the true scale of the crisis affecting our public hospitals, said the Fianna Fáil Health Spokesperson, Billy Kelleher.

“Figures from the INMO do indicate that there have been drops in Dublin hospitals compared to 2015, but when we carefully examine the figures, it is clear that a much deeper problem has emerged in our hospitals.”

“In August 2014, there were 4648 patients lying on trolleys across the country.  Two years later the figure stands 6136. That’s a scandalous 32% increase in two years.”

“As the INMO have shown, this is the second worst August since they started collecting and collating these figures. There is no good news in this announcement.”

“Yes some progress has been made since last year, but anyone patting themselves on the back over these figures needs to think long and hard about what we mean when we think about success in the health system,” added Kelleher.

“Across the south and west of the country, some hospitals have seen rises in the number of patients on trolley in the region of four or five hundred percent. Shockingly, Mayo General Hospital, in the Taoiseach’s own constituency, has risen by 1650%, from 10 patients in August 2014 to 175 in August 2016.”

“We need to see much more creative and challenging thinking on how to deliver good quality and reliable health services,” concluded Kelleher.