Following his announcement this evening that he will vote against the Budget, it is clear that the newly elected Deputy for Dublin West Patrick Nulty has deceived the electorate in Dublin West and should consider resigning the seat, according to Cllr David McGuinness.

Cllr McGuinness said: “Just over 8 weeks ago, outside Roselawn Shopping Centre, Patrick Nulty adamantly told RTÉ Radio 1 listeners that he would always vote with the Labour Party.  He said he wanted to get into Leinster House to influence Government policy and stand up for the people of Dublin West.  This evening in Leinster House, he has reneged on his word and I know that many people in Dublin 15 and Swords will be sore at his deception.

“While I may agree with Patrick Nulty about many of the callous measures which Ministers Burton and Varadkar have ensured are included in the Budget, he ran for election fully aware of the scale of the budgetary adjustments that were necessary and the shape of the measures likely. They were being well flagged since early autumn.  

“It is clear now that Patrick Nulty has received a mandate from the people on October 27th which is ill-gotten. I believe that he has deceived the people of Dublin West.  It is on these grounds that I would now ask him to consider resigning the seat. If he then so wishes, he can run for the seat as an Independent.

“Along with today being an embarrassing day for Labour Party, it is also an embarrassing political position for Minister Joan Burton to be in, who strenuously endorsed Patrick Nulty in the recent by-election.”