Fianna Fáil Dublin City Councillor for Ballymun, Paul McAuliffe has hit out at the National Transport Authority who have lodged a formal objection to the proposed shopping and student accommodation complex in Ballymun.

Commenting on the objection, Cllr McAuliffe said, “I am shocked at the manner in which the National Transport Authority have handled this project.

“The transport authority was fully consulted during the development of the Ballymun Local Area Plan which was passed by Councillors in October.

“This site has been identified for shopping and accommodation for several years. I am also aware that representatives from the leading supermarket chain, Lidl have fully engaged who the NTA regarding their intention to build proposed to open in the complex.

“Any attempt to delay this development process has a real impact on the lives of people in Ballymun, who have been waiting on improved shopping facilities for more than a decade.

“The NTA decision to delay the roll out of new student accommodation in the midst of a housing crisis is entirely irresponsible and short-sighted.

“I am calling on the Minister for Transport to immediately advise the NTA to withdraw this objection.

“Any objection of this nature only stands to sterilise the regeneration process in Ballymun, which has already been left stalemate by this Government.

McAuliffe concluded, “A shopping and student accommodation complex has every potential to support the local economy and the housing and infrastructural regeneration that was started by the last Fianna Fáil government.

“The Government and its agencies must therefore act to urgently resolve this issue. And kick start development of this complex.”