Fianna Fail’s Spokesperson on Older People, Mary Butler has again reiterated her request for people to knock in on their elderly neighbours to make sure that they are ok and have all that they need to get through the next few days.

“While many parts of the country have seen restrictions lifted, it doesn’t mean that vulnerable older people will be able to move around as freely and as safely as they normally would.

“With footpaths and roads impassable in many parts of the country now and for some time to come, older people will not be able to get to the local shop to do their shopping.

“Their fuel reserves may also be running low so anything we can do to help ease their worry over the next number of days will be a godsend to them.

“My message is very clear – If safe to do so, now is the time to check in on your elderly neighbours.

“Speak to your neighbours – make a list of local people who might need someone to call around to them. Nine times out of 10, they will be fine, but there may be someone out there who needs help and support.

“These are the times that demonstrate what type of country and what type of society we are. Wouldn’t you want someone to call around to your mother or father if they had no one?” concluded Butler.