Fianna Fáil Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Darragh O’Brien TD has said that the mid-range ballistic missile that was launched by North Korea and which flew over Japan earlier this week, threatens to destabilise peace between nations.

O’Brien commented, “Two successful intercontinental ballistic missile launches and five nuclear tests to date yet it’s the latest missile launch over mainland Japan that represents its boldest move yet.

“It symbolises a most disturbing breakdown in relations, and follows the UN Security Council’s vote to toughen sanctions on Pyongyang.

“It is clear that the international community must meaningfully respond and remain unified in our condemnation of Pyongyang. We must move to strengthen international economic and diplomatic pressure towards North Korea in an attempt to broker a solution to achieve lasting peace.

“China has a unique responsibility to help leverage a peaceful outcome that avoids any further rise in tension. It is important that we encourage a two tier response of sanction and diplomacy.

“Threats of fire and fury aimed at a country that has the world’s largest standing army and a substantial conventional weapons arsenal, will not aid the necessary avoidance of military counteraction and the need to negotiate a compromise.

He concluded, “The only option “on the table” must be one of common sense, diplomacy and peace.”