Gardaí in the capital are investigating reports of gunshots being fired at Rutland Street, Dublin 1 at 5pm yesterday evening.

Fianna Fáil Local Election candidate in Dublin’s North Inner City, Brian Mohan commented, “This kind of behaviour is never acceptable in any circumstance but the fact that it took place on a busy street as parents collected children from the nearby crèche is despicable.

“How someone believed it to be rational to fire a loaded gun in the clear of day, in public and in the vicinity of children is incomprehensible. It goes without saying that it was pure chance that no one was killed or injured.

“Over the past decade, the residents of the North Inner City have had to endure persistent criminality, shooting after shooting, funeral after funeral. Shame on the individuals involved who thought that this type of behaviour would be tolerated by the decent, hard-working people of the North Inner City.

“The Gardaí continue to do their utmost in our community to try crack down on gangland associated crime and serious anti-social behaviour, especially over the course of the past year but I can’t help but look at the current Government and wonder why more cannot be done.

“There needs to be more long-term investment in protecting our community and we need our Garda Stations open and fully operational. The North Inner City is a close-knit, diverse community of proud Dubliners that has tons to offer, not just a backdrop for a Government press conference here or there.