North Dublin households may soon be forced to pay an entirely new charge for waste water services, on top of water charges.  It emerged in the Dáil this week that the Environment Minister Phil Hogan is considering extra annual charges for households attached to public sewerage schemes.  


North Dublin Fianna Fáil Senator Darragh O’Brien has raised concerns that this new charge is to pay for the €2.1 billion monster sewerage plant in north Dublin.


“I am calling for urgent clarification from the Government about these revelations,” said Senator O’Brien.


 “Households across North Dublin are strongly opposed to the construction of a monster sewerage plant in this area, which would be damaging to the environment and would have a devastating impact on the community.  To think that they could soon be hit with sewerage charges to essentially fund this monstrosity is an absolute disgrace.


“Until now, there was no suggestion whatsoever that Dublin households would have to pay waste water charges on top of water meter charges, charges for water use, household charges and property taxes. But answering questions from Fianna Fáil in the Dáil this week, the Environment Minister Phil Hogan refused to rule it out. What is even more appalling is the notion that this new charge would be considered as a way of Phil Hogan raising the money to build a giant sewerage treatment plant in this area.


“I am calling on Fine Gael and Labour TDs across north Dublin to stand up and state categorically where they stand on this issue.  Our local Cabinet Minister James Reilly has been unable to secure a meeting with Minister Hogan for the Reclaim Fingal Alliance.  It is unacceptable both Ministers Reilly and Hogan are refusing to facilitate proper consultation on an issue that directly effects thousands of families across north Dublin.


“Following the latest revelations that households themselves may be expected to fund this monstrosity, it is more important than ever that Minister Reilly stands up for his community and insist that his Government addresses the very real concerns of households in north Dublin.”