Fianna Fáil Press Office
Cllr Jack Chambers
Dublin West

16 December 2015

No Govt plan for dealing with M50 problems – Chambers

Fianna Fáil’s Dublin West candidate Cllr Jack Chambers has accused the Government of not having any real plan for dealing with traffic congestion problems on the M50. Responding to Minister Paschal Donohoe’s comments in the Dáil today, Cllr Chambers, the Deputy Mayor of Fingal commented:

“Traffic on the M50 is seriously over-capacity to a point where congestion is – at-best – at a standstill and – at worst – at potentially dangerous levels during peak hours

“However judging by the Minister’s responses today in the Dáil, there does not appear to by any real plan for dealing with traffic congestion on the M50. The Minister seems content to ride out the rest of the term without making any hard decisions about how to tackle over-capacity on the motorway.

“As well we all know too well, when the M50 sneezes the rest of the city gets a cold, as we saw earlier this year. Any accident along the route has the potential to cause gridlock on roads across the Greater Dublin Area.

“There is an urgent need to enhance information signalling of accidents to motorists to prevent traffic escalation as well as improving the efficiency with which accidents are cleared. I have called upon the Government repeatedly to introduce a national accident signalling and to introduce enhanced traffic incident responses protocols, but these have fallen on deaf ears.

“We have proposed a number of innovative policy ideas to reduce traffic congestion on the major arterial routes in Dublin motorways, including measures that would both encourage and award off-peak travel by commuters, as well as Traffic Demand Measures to Reduce congestion.

“Perhaps most importantly, we need a Minister with real ambition for Public Transport network.

“Inconceivably, the Minister decided to mothball vital projects to the future of Dublin, especially the DART Underground, which would have trebled rail capacity, as well as the original Metro North plan. His plan for a ‘revised’ Metro North is a shame. It abandons the existing rail planning orders for the shovel ready project – at a cost of €170m – while setting back the development of the rail project by additional four years,” added Cllr Chambers.