Waiting list for psychology appointments jumps 12% in a month – Browne

Published on: 30 September 2017

New figures obtained by Fianna Fáil’s Spokesperson on Mental Health James Browne shows that there were 8,415 people waiting for a primary care psychology appointment at the end of July 2017, up from 7,485 at the end of June 2017.

Deputy Browne says the figures represent an astonishing jump in one month and demonstrates that mental health services are in crisis.

“This is an increase of over 12% in a single calendar month. It basically means that the list grew by 30 people every day during July. What is of real concern to me is that the increase for children and young adults was proportionately higher.

“The figures reveal that 6,811 under 18’s are on the list for an appointment. This represents an increase of more than 14%. Almost a third of them, 2,186, have been waiting for over a year.

“I said previously that the June figures were clear evidence of a crisis in the provision of mental health services for children. Well, month on month, the crisis has significantly deepened.

“I am aware that the HSE has advertised for some 22 psychologist posts and 114 assistant psychology posts. With waiting lists such as we have, these positions can’t be filled soon enough.”

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