Using voter mandate rather than hurling from the ditch delivers for Kerry – Brassil

Published on: 28 March 2018

Kerry TD, John Brassil has said the announcement that the Local Improvement Scheme is to be reopened is a prime example of the impact that politicians and political parties can have when they decide to be pro-active and not sit on their hands.

Deputy Brassil was commenting after it was announced that Kerry County Council would now start accepting applications under the LIS scheme for funding to pay for the repair and refurbishment of private and non-public roads in the county.  The deadline for applications is April 27th.

“In order to be eligible, the roadway must:

Provide access to parcels of land of which at least 2 are owned/occupied by different persons engaged in separate agricultural activities or;
Provide access for harvesting purposes (including turf or seaweed) for 2 or more persons, or;
Shall in the opinion of the County Council be “used by the public” (this means that works may be undertaken to a road which, while not a public road, may connect two public roads or give access to a beach or commonage and thereby serve the local community).

“This is a central plank of the Confidence and Supply arrangement that my party entered into with Fine Gael to enable them form a minority government.

“I have heard of other TDs from the county attempting to claim credit for something that has nothing to do with them

“As a Fianna Fáil TD, I made the hard call on backing an arrangement with Fine Gael to let them form a government. Everyone else ran away from their responsibilities including other deputies in the county.

“Facilitating a Fine Gael government, of any description, goes against my core political principles, but the country needed a government, and we stepped up to the plate, unlike others.

“The Local Improvement Scheme is proof of what taking hard decisions can deliver, and I would urge those living in private or non-public roads to make sure they get their applications in before the April 27th deadline.

“Don’t put it on the long finger – speak to your local Fianna Fáil County Councillor or pop into my office to find out about how to apply, and what you and your neighbours need to do,” concluded Brassil.

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