UCD must review rent hike as accommodation crisis escalates – McConalogue

Published on: 20 August 2015

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Education Charlie McConalogue has called on bosses at University College Dublin to reverse a decision to increase rents for on-campus accommodation.  According to reports, the cost of renting a room at one of the blocks on the Belfield campus has risen by almost €1000.

Deputy McConalogue commented, “In light of the accommodation crisis facing students across the country, but more acutely in Dublin, the move by UCD to hike up rents for its on-campus accommodation is extremely crude.  The university is well aware of the difficulties students are facing this year in trying to secure a place to live and now is appears bosses in Belfield are using the crisis as a means of generating more revenue.

“Students are stuck between a rock and a hard place and many will have no option but to fork out for the increase rents if they are offered a room on campus because the number of available options is so limited.

“I am concerned that other colleges and universities may follow the approach adopted by UCD and begin hiking up their rental fees.  This has the potential to make a bad situation worse and further squeeze already hard pressed students and their families.

“I am urging UCD authorities to seriously reconsider the rent increase; at least until the accommodation crisis begins to ease.  The cost of going to university is already a huge burden for many families and this measure is only exacerbating a situation which is the source of significant stress and anxiety”.

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