The wait for essential Home Support Services in Dublin is worsening – Curran

Published on: 16 November 2018

Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin Mid-West, John Curran received figures from the Health Service Executive this week which reveal that in the four months from April to August of this year there was a further 30% increase in the number of people waiting for home support services in Dublin West. Over 1,110 people are now on the home support waiting list in the area.

“I was informed by the HSE back in July that it was in the process of implementing a standard national approach to assessment of care needs of older people. But despite the fact the demand for home support continues to grow, no improvements have been made to the level of service provision,” he commented.

“More and more families in Dublin that are struggling to care for an elderly loved one are desperate for home support services. Those on this waiting list have already been assessed by the HSE and have been approved for home care supports but are suffering without them because of the lack of resources.

“The increase in demand was predicted. We have known that this was inevitable based on demographics of older people in our area but why then has the Minister and the Department of Health not responded by allocating the funding needed to lower the number of those forced to wait. .

“This scheme can only be of benefit if properly resourced. One thing is certain, failing to properly provide Home Support Services is adversely impacting on the older people determined by the HSE to need them and their loved ones,” he concluded.

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