Structural funding potential for Dublin’s urban regeneration must be addressed – McAuliffe

Published on: 10 February 2015

Fianna Fáil Cllr Paul McAuliffe has said that the government must deliver a tailored response that attracts structural funding to Dublin City. Cllr McAuliffe, Chairperson of Dublin City Council’s Economic Development Committee, was responding to the government’s recently published ‘Planning Policy Statement 2015’.

Cllr McAuliffe commented, “For too long European Union structural funding has been exclusively available to the border, midlands and western region while significant parts of Dublin City remain in desperate need of regeneration and economic development.

“The next round of funding includes urban regeneration measures that could apply to Dublin City. However this will require the government to work with Dublin City Council to identify the potential for the city to develop and to provide solutions that turns derelict sites into jobs and growth.

Cllr McAuliffe also outlined the need for a vacant sites levy to be introduced for Dublin’s inner city to pave the way for greater development to take place.

“Dublin City still has considerable amounts of vacant land across the city.  Much of this vacant land remained undeveloped despite 15 years of economic boom when growth rates exceeded an average of 6%. In some cases landowners have had the benefit of tax incentives to encourage the development of vacant sites yet dereliction remains prevalent. In light of this there is clearly a need to counteract any market disincentive that obstructs the development of these vacant sites which are key to encouraging economic growth in our city. The introduction of a vacant sites levy is one way that economic development can be encouraged” said Cllr McAuliffe.


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