Statement by Fianna Fáil on publication of Expert Commission on Domestic Public Water Services in Ireland

Published on: 29 November 2016

Following the publication of the Expert Commission Report on the Funding of Domestic Public Water Services in Ireland, Fianna Fáil Spokesperson Barry Cowen said, “I would like to acknowledge the work of the Expert Commission under the Chairmanship of Mr Kevin Duffy. This Expert Commission was established following the Confidence and Supply Agreement made last May.

“This is a detailed report and will require due consideration. Following an initial reading of the report it is clear there are a lot of issues that need to be clarified and addressed. I look forward to working with my Oireachtas colleagues at the newly formed Special Oireachtas Committee on Water to achieve this.

“Under the terms of the Confidence and Supply Arrangement water charges were suspended for an initial period of nine months. It seems clear that these water charges will not be reintroduced.

“It was also agreed that the Special Oireachtas Committee on Water would endeavour to make its recommendations to the Oireachtas within 3 months and these recommendations will then be voted on within one month.

“I firmly believe that the Special Oireachtas Committee on Water should now be given space to fully examine the report and to explore all of its recommendations. Part of this will involve meeting and listening to water, legal and other experts as well as to consumer bodies and members of the public.”

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