Smith appeals for additional funding for road improvements

Published on: 27 April 2018

Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan Brendan Smith has appealed to the Minister for Transport to provide additional resources to local authorities to help them repair the substantial amount of damage which has been caused to the road network over the past number of months.

Deputy Brendan Smith expressed concern about the state of a number of non-national roads across Cavan and Monaghan and is urging Minister Shane Ross to reconsider his decision not to allocate additional funding for repair work.

“Over the past number of years, the level of funding allocated for road maintenance has been running well below what’s needed and serious road safety issues have arisen as a result.  Road surfaces are uneven, there are large potholes on several non-national roads and disappearing line markings are making driving conditions on our roads extremely dangerous”, explained Brendan Smith.

“This winter has been particularly bad – the snow and icy conditions have left many parts of the roads network in disrepair and in need of essential upgrade work.  These sub-standard road conditions are not only leading to treacherous driving conditions, they are causing serious damage to cars.

“Despite flagging these issues time and time again, and emphasising the importance of maintenance and repair work, the Minister is continuing to refuse to allocate additional funding for this essential work.  His claims that “all grant funding available has now been allocated” is simply not good enough.

“Road safety cannot be compromised and road maintenance and repairs are an essential element of this.  I am calling on Minister Ross to reconsider his decision on this and to find a way to secure additional funds for this important area”, concluded Deputy Brendan Smith.

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