Sinn Féin’s anti-jobs and anti-democratic agenda has nothing to offer Fianna Fáil – FF Chair

Published on: 07 December 2014

Fianna Fáil’s Parliamentary Party Chairman Brendan Smith TD has responded to reports in a Sunday newspaper speculating about a FF / SF coalition after the next General Election.  The border TD dismissed the speculation, pointing to Sinn Féin’s anti-jobs policy platform and anti-democratic behaviour and his own party’s decision on the issue earlier this year.

Deputy Smith commented, “While individual TDs are obviously free to express individual opinions, the view of the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party is settled on the issue of Sinn Féin. At a meeting of elected representatives last July we agreed that the economic platform and the behaviour of that organisation ruled them out as potential partners for the Fianna Fáil party.

“Fianna Fáil is a proudly pro-jobs, pro-enterprise, pro-opportunity party that has always worked to develop social cohesion and progress.  Sinn Féin’s track record and stated policy objectives flatly contradict all those basic tenets.  In addition, the behaviour of the party as it sought to cover-up the sexual abuse crisis within its own ranks and its increasingly anti-democratic agenda within Dáil Éireann all confirm the judgement of the Parliamentary Party when it ruled out Sinn Féin as a potential partner.

“Fianna Fáil will be fighting the next General Election on its own terms, putting an alternative vision for the future of Irish society to the people and taking that message to every community in the country.  The Irish people have been betrayed by Fine Gael and Labour and they understand the danger of trusting an unreconstructed Sinn Féin.  Fianna Fáil’s challenge is to demonstrate to the country that we have the ideas to shape post-austerity Ireland into a fairer and more balanced Ireland.  It is a challenge we relish”.

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