Proposed plan to sell the last remaining Magdalene Laundry must be rejected – Fitzpatrick

Published on: 31 August 2018

Fianna Fáil General Election Candidate in Dublin Central, Mary Fitzpatrick has reiterated her calls for the former Magdalene Laundry Site on Sean McDermott Street, Dublin 1 not to be sold to private developers.

Mary Fitzpatrick has previously called on Dublin City Councillors to reject the proposal to sell the site and to back her proposal to retain the last remaining Magdalene laundry on Sean McDermott Street in public ownership and develop it for desperately needed affordable housing, community services and a memorial to the Magdalene survivors.

Mary said, “Any attempt to deny Ireland’s past by selling the Sean McDermott St site without ensuring that a permanent memorial is erected there would be a complete insult to the suffering of so many women, to their families and their loved ones.

“This prominent two-acre site was given to the State as compensation for the horrors endured by women in the Laundry. It is infuriating that rather than develop this valuable asset to address the chronic social and economic need for affordable housing in the North Inner City, DCC would sooner sell it to a foreign entity.

“There are acute housing shortages that are only set to worsen. Therefore, it makes zero sense for the State to sell-off valuable, zoned and serviced land in the heart of our Capital to private developers with no obligation to provide housing.

“This vacant site presents a once in a generation opportunity to kick start the long-promised regeneration of our community and development of affordable, sustainable public homes in the heart of our capital city. The Government has a duty of care to support the full and meaningful regeneration of Dublin’s North Inner City.

“The proposed sale of this prime land underscores the necessity to establish a Statutory Development Agency dedicated to the regeneration of the north inner city, as proposed by Fianna Fáil.

“Needless to say, the Government are yet to fulfil its promise to survivors, the families of victims and representative groups and continue to fail to properly commemorate the suffering of so many women in the Laundry,” she concluded.

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