Published on: 19 July 2012

Kells Town Councillor, Seán Drew, has welcomed the inclusion by the Government of Kells as one of the 35 locations listed for the development of a Primary Care Centre under the public private partnership mechanism. He has, however, expressed a note of caution as the Department of Health has stated that only 20 of the 35 locations will actually be commissioned for development.
“Since late 2011 when the Government announced its intention to prioritise its Capital Infrastructure and Investment Programme in the two specific areas of Education and Health, I as a public representative for the people of Kells have sought to highlight the necessity for the development of both a new Eureka School and a Medical Health Centre in the town. In November 2011 I received the unanimous support of my colleagues on Kells Town Council  for my Notice of Motion, instructing the Council to write to both the Ministers of Education and Health together with the government’s 5 TD’s in Meath urging them to ensure that both these projects for Kells were included in the governments infrastructural programme.
“In March 2012 I strongly criticised these 5 local TD’s when the new Eureka School was omitted from the Dept of Educations 5 year plan of major building projects to be constructed in the period 2012 to 2016. It is therefore only right that I should acknowledge and welcome the inclusion of Kells on this Primary Care Centre list published by the Department of Health.

“However,I must express some reservations in regard to the fact that the Government have advised that only 20 of the 35 centers listed will actually be commissioned. It would therefore appear that there is a 43% chance that the Kells centre will not actually be developed under this initative.The residents of Kells and the surrounding hinterland of North Meath are all too well aware of the need for a Health Centre in the town. I, with a small number of my Town Council colleagues, recently attended a meeting with representatives of the HSE where I stressed to them the urgent need for the development of a Medical Centre for Kells.I am therefore again calling on the government’s 5 Meath TD’s continued support to ensure that Kells will be included among the final 20 locations to be commissioned and developed by the Government under this PPP initative.”


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