Politicians must support Gardaí & the Ballymun Finglas community to control scramblers scourge – FF

Published on: 29 March 2019

Fianna Fail Dublin City Councillor, Paul McAuliffe and Finglas local election candidate, Keith Connolly will hold a public meeting next Thursday, April 4th to highlight the terror that the illegal use of scramblers and quad bikes continues to impose on their community.

The meeting which is their second on the issue will take place in the Shamrock Pub in Finglas village at 8pm.

Speaking ahead of their meeting, McAuliffe, who is also the party’s General Election candidate in Dublin North West said, “It emerged earlier this week that Gardaí have seemingly introduced a new type of checkpoint and patrol in the Capital in an effort to crack down on the illegal use of scramblers. If that is actually the case then those in the community who are incensed by the daily terror caused by scramblers in the vicinity of their homes have certainly not seen this Garda activity yet.

“We’ve been told by local Gardaí that there are a ‘number of operations’ taking place to ‘tackle the issue’ but if those extend into our area then it’s difficult to see how successful they could be with fewer Garda resources operating in DMR North and restrictive legislation.

“Given the Government’s failure to address this, I have worked closely with my party colleagues in Dublin to draft legislation which will provide the Gardai with the necessary powers to deal with the issue. It is currently being examined by the Oireachtas and we anticipate that it will be introduced in Dáil Éireann in the coming weeks.”

“Residents have been warning of the scourge of illegal scrambler and quad bike use in housing estates and on public green space for almost two years but it’s yet to be brought under any degree of control,” commented Keith Connolly, running for local election in the area.

“Any efforts to deal with the crisis in the illegal use of vehicles including scramblers needs to be dramatically increased and treated as the public safety crisis that is it. We are all aware that it is sim ply a matter of time before there is a fatal incident involving one of these bikes and it will occur on our doorstep.

“Finglas Ballymun comprises of mainly close knit, quiet communities that are not associated with this anti-social behaviour in any other way than they continue to be gravely affected by it. I very much see it as a responsibility to stand up for their interests and solve this once and for all,” Connolly concluded.

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