Public transport issues need to be addressed – Clifford-Lee

Published on: 19 January 2020

 Fianna Fáil Senator, and General Election candidate, Lorraine Clifford-Lee has said that more needs to be done to address capacity issues on public transport.

Senator Clifford-Lee noted that additional capacity is badly in her own constituency for the thousands of commuters who use public transport daily.

“In my own constituency of Dublin-Fingal, the commuter line is under strain because Fingal is the youngest and fastest growing population in the country. More capacity is what is needed to cater for the growing numbers of commuters who must travel in overcrowded carriages each morning on the way to and from work.

“There are many commuters who feel abandoned as they will be forced to continue to travel in cramped conditions. Commuters needed to see a commitment in expanding capacity for them but again the Fine Gael led government failed to deliver this and now is a time where voters have a chance to change this.

“What commuters would like to see is capacity increased so that they have the opportunity to get a seat on the way to and from work. What they do not need is to be packed into carriages on a daily bases with thousands of other commuters making it very difficult for workers who rely on public transport,” concluded Senator Clifford-Lee.

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