Once Again, Taoiseach Misleads People to score Political Point – FF

Published on: 11 September 2012

Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin TD has responded to Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s interview on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland programme this morning and challenged the Taoiseach to explain his comments that Ireland’s Corporation Tax policy was unclear and under threat when he came into office.
Deputy Martin commented, “This morning we learned nothing new from the Taoiseach.  He succeeded in further confusing the picture about the Government’s attitude to the Croke Park Agreement, avoided any substantial analysis of how his Ministers are performing and fell back on a series of tired and meaningless election campaign mantras.
“All of this we expected.  What we did not expect however, was for the Taoiseach to introduce a new myth on the issue of Ireland’s Corporation Tax policy.  In his interview, while struggling to think of examples of what his Government has achieved, he claimed that before he became Taoiseach there was uncertainty and confusion in the international investment community about Ireland’s Corporation Tax.
“For the Taoiseach to completely ignore the facts and make a false claim that there was any question mark over the country’s position before February 2011, raises yet more questions.
“We know that the Taoiseach is frequently unable to avoid political point scoring, but the issue of the country’s Corporation Tax is too important to be used in this way.   However, it is consistent with the partisan, political and untrue claims he made in relation to there being no files on the Bank Guarantee within his Department.
“As Minister for Foreign Affairs during the Lisbon 2 referendum I personally travelled Europe to negotiate and secure a legally binding Protocol guaranteeing protection of our policy on Corporation Tax.  The Taoiseach is fully aware of this.  
“Absolute certainty in relation to the country’s Corporation Tax policy has been a rock solid cornerstone of Ireland’s industrial development strategy for the last two decades.   For the vast bulk of that time, it also enjoyed rock solid support from all the main political parties in the country.  It is unfortunate that the Taoiseach would choose to put that to one side this morning in an effort to score a political point.”

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