Ó Cuív calls for improved mobile phone signal throughout County Galway

Published on: 19 March 2019

Fianna Fáil TD for Galway West Éamon Ó Cuív has called on the Minister for Communications to ensure consistent mobile phone signal is available throughout County Galway.

Deputy Ó Cuív explained “Galway County has the second highest number of mapped signal problems identified in the country, from a recent survey that was carried out. This is inhibiting both the personal and the business use of mobile services throughout the country. When you ally that to the large number of areas that have no proper broadband, County Galway and particularly the areas of County Galway that have hills and mountains in them, are black spots in terms of technology.

“It is high time that the Government had a clear path to ensure that all areas of the country would have a mobile signal available to them, as well as high quality broadband. Communications are the modern way of overcoming distance and it is a huge inhibitor for all activities if there is a poor mobile signal in an area.

“There is also a safety aspect, as many people going walking on the hills etc., in places such as Connemara, rely on mobile signals to call for help if they get into any difficulty. Obviously, if there is no mobile signal in an area which is particularly true on the hill areas, this is not possible.

“We live on a small island and it should be possible to provide good mobile and broadband services throughout the island and not on a limited basis only. Fifty years ago, we were able to bring electricity and phones to every house in the country and it seems strange that with all the progress we have made since, the provision of high quality telecommunications throughout the country seems beyond this present Government,” concluded Deputy Ó Cuív.

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