Naughten must stop any attempts to reduce rural postal deliveries to a weekly service

Published on: 05 October 2016

Fianna Fáil Communications Spokesperson, Timmy Dooley has called on Minister Denis Naughten to confirm that there are no proposals to reduce rural postal deliveries to once per week, and if there are, that he will stop them.

Deputy Dooley was commenting on this after reports appeared in regional media this week suggesting that An Post were considering reducing postal deliveries from a daily to weekly service.”

“This cannot be allowed happen. Postal services are an integral part of daily life in rural Ireland. Families and business, despite the increase in internet usage, rely on the postal service heavily.”

“The question needs to be asked of Minister Naughten: is this your idea Minister, or are An Post deciding on national postal strategy?”

“Imagine a scenario where you ordered a new bank debit card from your bank, and you had to wait up to two weeks to receive it. Added to the fact that most banks have reduced their day to bank, over the counter banking services, people would be left high and dry.”

“Minister Naughten must come out publicly and assure rural communities that their daily postal services will be protected. That’s the only answer that they will accept,” added Dooley.

“This is yet another example of the continual downgrading of our rural post office network. Instead of reducing services, Minister Naughten and An Post must look at increasing the services on offer in our post offices. He can do that by enabling people pay things such as their motor tax in their local post office, for example.”

“Post offices play an important role within communities. The Government must bring forward a plan for their future without any further delay. Putting this issue on the long finger just isn’t good enough,” concluded Dooley.

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