Murnane-O’Connor demands major upgrade of Carlow train services

Published on: 21 January 2020

Senator Jennifer Murnane-O’Connor is calling for a significant increase in the frequency and capacity of Carlow train services, as well as investment in parking facilities at Carlow Train Station.

The Fianna Fáil candidate has said current rail services and parking facilities are not fit for purpose and have not modernised with the increased demands from Carlow commuters.  

 “Every day I hear stories about issues with our local public transport services in Carlow. Just this morning, I received phone-calls saying that around 25 people could not find parking anywhere near Carlow Train Station and they missed the 8am train to Dublin as a result,” the Carlow Senator said,

 “It is shameful to think that Carlow commuters are spending hours traveling to and from work, due to traffic congestion and our inadequate public transport services to and from Carlow.  These are precious hours taken away from families.  It is not good enough and something has to change,” the Carlow Senator said.

 “The first thing we need to do is increase capacity on the Waterford line. At the moment, by the time the train gets to Carlow at peak times, it is rammed, and many commuters are forced to stand the whole way to Dublin. We have been waiting years for new carriages that won’t arrive until 2021 at the earliest.  The daily commute should not be so stressful and uncomfortable.

“Fianna Fáil is promising to increase bus and rail services, particularly on busy commuter lines like ours, without further delay. Our public transport services do not fit the realities of modern work practices and family life. We won’t wait any longer for this much needed modernisation.

“I am also calling for a National Infrastructure Commission to streamline the delivery of key transport projects and look at the integration of our public transport services, particularly in Carlow and across the commuter belt where public services have not kept up with the changing demands of our population.”

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