Martin support Women’s Aid platform for Election 2016

Published on: 20 October 2015

Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin has said he is fully supportive of the Women’s Aid election platform for 2016.  Deputy Martin attended a Women’s Aid briefing for TDs and Senators in Dublin this morning.

Deputy Martin said: “One of the main planks of the Election 2016 Platform that Women’s Aid are focussing on is that the next Government works to ensure everyone experiencing domestic violence gets the support they need.  I am fully committed to this and I believe the Government should move now to sign the Istanbul Convention.  This is an international agreement which sets out a framework for Governments to tackle domestic violence and violence against women. It is extremely important.

“20% of women in Ireland are affected by domestic violence.  This number is still shockingly high and intolerable.  Abuse in the home causes short, media and long-term problems including physical and mental trauma.  It is something we must all reflect on as a society.  Ensuring a safe environment for all women and children must be a political and societal priority.

“I was pleased to meet Margaret Martin the Director of Women’s Aid today and members of her staff.  Women’s Aid is an important frontline resource for women in danger and at risk of domestic violence.  The next Government needs to ensure there are adequate resources and legislation is in place as a statement of the seriousness with which we take the matter.”

Margaret Martin from Woman's Aid pictured with Micheál Martin TD at Womens' Aid briefing this morning in Buswell's Hotel, Dublin. Pic Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX

Margaret Martin from Woman’s Aid pictured with Micheál Martin TD at Womens’ Aid briefing this morning in Buswell’s Hotel, Dublin. Pic Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX

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