M20 motorway must be built from Cork to Limerick direct, not via Tipperary – Aindrias Moynihan

Published on: 07 May 2017

Cork North West TD, Aindrias Moynihan has said that those suggesting that the M20 motorway project between Cork and Limerick should be replaced by a spur linking Limerick to the Cork-Dublin motorway don’t understand the challenges residents in North Cork face due to traffic congestion.

Deputy Moynihan was commenting in advance of the deadline for receipt of submissions on the Midterm Capital Review that is currently being carried out by the Department of Public Expenditure.

“Communities between Cork City and Limerick City need a motorway of their own. Connecting Ireland’s second and third largest cities via a direct motorway, with adjoining bypasses of towns, is crucial to realising the economic potential of Munster.

“Those advocating a reduced project, via the M8 motorway, are not thinking long term. Short termism in our planning and capital investment proposals will limit our future capacity to grow and deliver for our communities.

“I would urge all those who care about the Cork-Limerick motorway project to make their views known to the Department by emailing capitalreview2017@per.gov.ie by Sunday, 30th April 2017.

“Equally, there is scope to make your views known about other capital projects that are needed in our communities such as schools, flood defences or hospitals.

“For far too long, we have been promised a motorway. Fine Gael has never been serious about the construction of this motorway. It’s time they put their money where their mouth is and commit to building the motorway that will drive our local economy forward and make lives much better for those living in regional towns between Cork and Limerick,” concluded Moynihan.

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