LIS funding must be reinstated to maintain and improve Tipp roads and laneways – Cahill

Published on: 04 October 2017

Fianna Fáil TD for Tipperary, Jackie Cahill is calling on the Minister for Transport to reinstate the Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) for private roads and laneways to help alleviate the terrible state of roads in the county.

The LIS was a very important scheme that allowed both local authorities and private homeowners share some of the costs associated with maintaining and upgrading private roads and laneways.

“Early on in the last government’s term of office, they scrapped this very useful scheme and left both council and landowner high and dry.

“The net result has been a serious deterioration in our local roads’ infrastructure.

“In a recent parliamentary question to the Minister for Transport, I have requested him to reinstate the scheme.

“However, the Minister has indicated to me that his priority at present is the funding of improvements to public roads.

“We are kicking the can down the road by not making sure that private roads and laneways receive some form of funding from the State.

“It will inevitably end up costing considerably more money in the long term by not addressing the problem now,” concluded Cahill.

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