Latest Daft Report underscores the fact Rent Pressure Zones are not working – FF

Published on: 17 August 2018

Fianna Fáil Housing Spokesperson, Darragh O’Brien TD has said that immediate dramatic changes are needed to strengthen and enhance Rent Pressure Zone System.

The latest Housing Report published today indicates that the average price of rent nationwide has risen by a further 12.4% since June.

Deputy O’Brien said, “Today’s report exposes the fact that for nine quarters consecutively a new record, higher than previously ever recorded has been reached in the price of rent in Ireland’s main cities.

“An over 20% rise in the price of rent in Limerick city in just 1 year, a 16% increase in rents over the same period in Galway while in Cork, the monthly cost of rent rose by 13%. How many more months will go by and record high’s be reached in the already colossal price of rent for this Government to act?

“Those of us so fortunate to have stable or permanent housing can only imagine how disheartening the price of rent must be for graduates coming out of University or those that once emigrated, who are wishing to come home to Ireland.

“It also goes without saying that those forking out these costs in rent must be incredibly stressed trying to pay domestic bills or other living costs and possibly childcare on top of it. It’s hindering so many from being able to save when everything they earn in a month is going straight back out.

“An entire generation are trapped in a rip off rental market with zero hope of buying because of Fine Gael policies while Sinn Féin stands on the side-lines voting against affordable housing.

“This Government’s measures on Rent Pressure Zones are not working; it’s as simple as that.

“It is categorically clear from both today’s report and all of the anecdotal evidence we have heard over the past 18 months that the Taoiseach and his Housing Minister need to dramatically change its approach to control the price of rent in this country.”

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