Lahart calls for stronger trial run of College Green pedestrianisation

Published on: 26 July 2019

Speaking ahead of the next trial pedestrianisation of College Green, Dublin, taking place this Sunday, Fianna Fáil spokesperson for Dublin John Lahart TD says the City Council should take on board the feedback from Dubliners who had been disappointed by the first trial.

He commented, “I’m deeply disappointed that the City Council has not taken a more proactive stance by putting forward their own vision for the people of Dublin. There has been considerable debate on the future of College Green, with very valid concerns raised from all quarters.

“However, the council have gone about this in the wrong way. Instead of opening up the College Green and Dame Street area to people, they erected massive steel barriers to corral pedestrians and force cyclists into a narrow pathway between barriers and buildings.

“There is no point having pedestrianisation if it doesn’t foster a vibrant street where children can safely walk and play, and where pedestrians can easily move through the city.

“If we are to have a trial, it should be done properly, and it should give each option a fair run. Only then can we decide whether pedestrianisation is the best solution for the College Green area.

“I have written to Owen Keegan, Chief Executive of Dublin City Council to communicate my concerns regarding the first trial day of pedestrianisation, asking him to create a more vibrant and usable space.

“I look forward to visiting College Green this Sunday to see what changes have been implemented and enjoy the open plaza,” he concluded.

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