Kelleher astonished by Reilly’s appointment of another €160k advisor

Published on: 18 April 2012

Fianna Fáil Health Spokesperson Billy Kelleher TD has described as “obscene” the appointment of another €160k special advisor for Health Minister James Reilly and his Special Delivery Unit, as revealed by

Deputy Kelleher said: “This is an extraordinary revelation.  The Minister has very serious questions to answer about how he is managing the health service and in particular the Special Delivery Unit – a concoction entirely of his own creation.

“On the same day people hear about Minister Reilly paying yet another advisor an extortionate salary, 337 people are waiting on hospital trolleys around the country.

“This appointment is on top of that of Dr. Martin Connor who is a special advisor to the SDU on €160,000 but is not even in Ireland for half the year.  This latest appointment seems to be a very expensive attempt to fix the rot at the heart of Minister Reilly’s tenure – namely the lack of any credible strategy or leadership.

“The only delivery the public has received from the Special Delivery Unit so far is two of the best paid advisors to Government, as the crisis of people waiting on trolleys in hospitals across the country deepens.”

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