Howlin must clarify if increments for high paid public servants are on the table – Fleming

Published on: 28 September 2012

Spokesperson on Public Expenditure and Reform Seán Fleming has called on Public Expenditure Minister Brendan Howlin to clarify whether pay rises for highly paid public servants are on the table as part of the Government’s attempts to ‘maximise’ payroll savings in the public sector.

Deputy Fleming raised this issue after the HSE confirmed to him that 185 people earning €100,000 or more will be paid increments totalling €377,154.81, an average of more than €2,000 each.  These are new increments being received by these top paid employees this year.

Deputy Fleming said: “Following the disastrous handling of the review of public service allowances the Government is trying to save face by promising to ‘maximise’ payroll savings in the public sector.  However we don’t know what is being reviewed.  Minister Howlin should immediately clarify if pay increases for the highest paid public servants is on the table as part of this process.

“The health service represents about a third of public sector so it can be easily estimated that there are substantial numbers of people across the public service on salaries of over €100,000 getting additional new increments this year.  The Government has failed to deliver any substantive savings in the review of allowances, something that even the unions conceded that they expected.  It is time for this Government to show that it is serious about reform and is prepared to surprise us by matching its rhetoric with action.”

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