Horizon 2020 announcement by Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn welcome – Aylward

Published on: 30 November 2011

– Welcomes the launch of Horizon 2020 – the next EU research, science and innovation programme for the period 2014 – 2020 – valued at 80 billion euro –

– 4.5 billion euro already earmarked for agricultural research

– This will help maintain and create jobs in Ireland 


Liam Aylward MEP for the constituency of Ireland East has today welcomed the launch of the new Horizon 2020 programme that was announced today in Brussels by the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Màire Geoghegan-Quinn.  Horizon 2020 is a central part of Europe 2020, which is a key cornerstone of European economic strategy. 

Mr. Aylward MEP said that “Horizon 2020 is a driver for growth and jobs.  It is the next EU programme that will support investment in research, innovation and science in support of the EU’s pro-jobs agenda.  The Programme, with a budget of 80 billion euro, will run from 2014 to 2020, will be broken into three primary blocks – excellence in science, supporting competitiveness and industrial development and combating societal challenges.  It will support scientific research, new technologies and it will back research in a variety of different sectors including in the fields of agriculture, food, fisheries, health, transport, energy, environmental services and the industrial sector.   In the agriculture research area, 4.5 billion euro has already been earmarked.”

In a similar fashion to the operation of the 7th EU Research and Technological Framework Programme (FP7) 2007 – 2013, the largest research funding project in the world, beneficiaries under Horizon 2020 can include educational institutions, research organisations, public bodies and private sector companies that include small, medium and large scale companies.

“To date, under the FP7 programme, projects from Ireland have benefitted to the impressive sum of 333 million Euro.  Twenty five per cent of these beneficiaries have come from the private sector.”

The forthcoming Horizon 2020 Programme will continue to be a big boost in maintaining and creating jobs in Ireland. 

The Programme will:

Ø      Help to develop new and improved goods and services that people will use; 

Ø      Improve the quality of people’s lives; and

Ø      Ultimately build a better society in an Irish, European and in a global context.

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