Guarded welcome for 2018 fishing quotas – Pat the Cope Gallagher

Published on: 13 December 2017

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Marine & Fisheries Pat the Cope Gallagher has given a guarded welcome to the 2018 fishing quotas agreed last night in Brussels by EU Fishing Ministers.

Deputy Gallagher commented, “Generally, the package delivered for the Irish fishing sector was positive with increased quota overall for some whitefish stocks.  However, some fishermen will be disappointed to see reductions to quotas for specific fish species next year. These include cuts to Mackerel (-20%) and Whiting (-19%).

“These cuts will impact negatively on coastal communities who are dependent on these fish stocks for economic growth and jobs locally.

“Overall, the looming threat to Irish fishing interests by Brexit hangs over the industry with great uncertainty ahead. It is vital that as negotiations move on to Phase 2, that fisheries and trade be inextricably linked in future Brexit negotiations”.

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