Government’s Total Failure on Health now Confirmed – FF

Published on: 17 November 2015

Fianna Fáil Health Spokesperson Billy Kelleher has responded to confirmation that Leo Varadkar is set to finally abandon his party’s health policy and key election pledge to introduce mandatory Universal Health Insurance.

Deputy Kelleher commented, “This Government has completely failed our health services. All across the country, health is in chaos. This has developed over the last four years, as the Government passed dishonest budgets and lied about the imminent arrival of Universal Health Insurance.

“Fine Gael policy of 14 years and the cornerstone of two elections has now been abandoned after four years of dysfunction, disillusionment and chaos.

“More than three years ago, Fianna Fáil commissioned an expert analysis of the proposal from Dr Brian Turner and quickly concluded that it was fatally flawed. It cost too much and was effectively privatized our health system.

“We published this document and offered it to the Government, asking for a response. Instead, Fine Gael offered only arrogance and dismissed our point. Today, three years later and after a report from KPMG coming to the same conclusion, they can see we were right and have walked away.

“This arrogance, failure to listen and lack of a plan B have been hallmarks of this Government’ approach to health since they came to office. The result is an emergency in healthcare, record breaking waiting lists and more people on trollies than ever before. The price is being paid by families across Ireland, while morale among those who are trying to hold our services together has never been lower.

“The Government needs to apologise for misleading voters at the last election and for the mess they have made of our health services in the meantime.”

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